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Consultation is the process of meeting with a client to discuss their needs and requirements and provide advice and guidance on a particular topic or issue. In the context of design and construction, a consultation typically involves a designer, contractor, or other professional meeting with a client to discuss their project and provide recommendations on how to proceed.

During a consultation, the professional will typically ask the client a series of questions to better understand their needs, preferences, budget, and timeline for the project. They may also provide guidance on various aspects of the project, such as design options, construction methods, materials, and cost estimates.

Consultations can be conducted in person or virtually, and may be brief or more in-depth depending on the scope of the project. They are an important part of the design and construction process, as they provide an opportunity for the professional to understand the client's needs and preferences, and for the client to ask questions and get expert advice on how to proceed with their project.

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