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Design & Build

Design and Build is a project delivery method where a single entity, usually a design and build firm, is responsible for both the design and construction of a project. In this method, the project owner contracts with a single entity, known as the Design-Builder, who will be responsible for designing the project to meet the owner's needs and then constructing the project according to the approved design.

The Design and Build process typically involves several key steps, including:
  • Conceptualization: The project owner and the Design-Builder collaborate to define the project's goals, scope, and requirements.
  • Design Development: The Design-Builder uses their expertise to develop a design that meets the owner's requirements while also considering factors such as budget, schedule, and constructability.
  • Construction: Once the design has been approved, the Design-Builder takes on the responsibility of constructing the project, including managing subcontractors, scheduling, and quality control.
  • Post-Construction: After construction is complete, the Design-Builder may provide ongoing support, such as maintenance and repairs, to ensure the project continues to meet the owner's needs.

Design and Build has become a popular project delivery method due to its many benefits, including a streamlined process, faster delivery, and increased accountability.

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