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About Us

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Interior design is not just two simple words representing the idea of fashioning a living space with some artistic inspiration. Quite the contrary, it is a very specific definition of how we live, about how we experience spaces in our daily lives, and about how the comfort of living appeals to people with exquisite tastes.

At Fuka, we see this as the perfect unification of art and science, implementing practical development which emphasizes on achieving the kind of poise and balance between creative design, functionality, style and value to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment.




Led by our inspirational founder Lim Swee Chong, our aspired team at Fuka have been serving clients of all scale and fields passionately ever since year 2000. We based every single project designed and managed by us on 3 core principles — Quality, Practicality and Integrity. From the initial consultation to 3D conceptualizations, right up to the finishing touches these principles were honoured and upheld by conducting each step with delicate care, because understood the special bond between you and your personal spaces.

Over the years, various well-known interior design revelations have been produced which we took great pride of. We have made it our mission to bring distinct sophistication to the inner environments of buildings - business or private residences near and far. That is what makes us one of the most sought after ID firm in all of northern Malaysia.


Our Mission is to exemplify each design to suit every personal space to match the unique taste of different individuals, in a wide but focused fields of hospitality, leisure, corporate, residential and retail.


Our Vision is to be the most preferred interior design firm which is quality driven, entrusted, revered and most loved by clients in both interior spaces and architecture prowess in the region and eventually across the nation.

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Why Us

Why Fuka


Vast experience, proven results, and packed with a knack for out-of-the box design, these are our forte that ensure we are head and shoulders above the rest. We are ascertained to make good use of our extensive expertise, knowledge in the structure of space, needs of occupants and style of living to design your ideal living environment. Starting from the very first inspiration to budget development, datelines until the completion of project, we present to you not only with exciting ideas but genuine professionalism. That is not all, while we cater to customer needs we are also providing sound advices to broaden options and help customers make informed decisions. From small scale remodelling to large-scale renovations, our highly skilled and very experienced professionals are equipped to undertake interior design and renovation projects of any size at any level. The vast industry experience and portfolios under our belt make everything look easy, and guarantee to give you peace-of-mind.


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