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Meet Our Team


Since its incorporation in 2000, Fuka has grown to be an established ID company competent in providing professional service to the highest standards. Our creative work is valued by clients and well-known corporate customers. At Fuka, it is woven deeply in our aspiration to be the next huge success in the industry. For that we are mindful of the roles played by every individual in our firm because we cannot achieve our goals without excellent people. Hence we employ, train and develop a team of the best personnel in order to serve our customers better. With our vast knowledge and experience, our team brings originality, diversity and fresh ideas from different perspectives, however still constantly work to improve ourselves, enhancing trust among clients. We will continue to leverage the foresight and execution skills of our employees to identify growth potential in all aspects, at the same time maintaining high standard of quality and reliability.

Lim Swee Chong

Managing Director

Lim Swee Chong, or affectionately known as Chong by his clients and colleagues, is the Managing Director and the principal stakeholder of Fuka Interior Decoration. Chong is a visionary and behind-the-scene creative dynamo, coupled with his invaluable 20-year professional experience in the ID industry made him the cornerstone in every project undertaken by Fuka Design. His polished business acumen also saw him taking up the role as chief strategist and corporate direction advisor who is directly involved in planning, business directions and expansions. Chong is the inspiration that keeps the team on their toes with his burning passion, fresh ideas and unmatched innovation.

"Keep moving forward and never stop."

Lim's Philosophy

Fuka Team Members

At every level of the company, our associates all work hard and share a common goal: to help make the FUKA Group become the number one interior design company in the world.

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